Update: Number of injured in Russia's March 25 attack on Odesa rises to 10

The number of people injured in Russia's March 25 attack on Odesa rose to 10, Odesa Oblast Governor Oleh Kiper said.

The Southern Defense Forces reported the day before that four people had been injured by a Russian ballistic missile attack on the city. Kiper said previously that three of the four injured were women, but their injuries were "not serious."

The governor said on March 26 that 10 people had been injured, including seven who were still receiving medical assistance.

Russian forces reportedly used a "double-tap" tactic, in which a second missile struck shortly after the initial attack so that it could potentially wound or kill first responders, said Nataliia Humeniuk, a spokesperson of Ukraine's Southern Operational Command.

The strikes also damaged Odesa's Palace of Sports and other nearby buildings. Kiper said that about 300 apartments were damaged.

The Palace of Sports is a multi-purpose sports complex that includes an indoor ice rink and other facilities. It is located some five kilometers (three miles) from the city center.

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