Nuland explains what Ukraine can expect from NATO summit in Vilnius

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Victoria Nuland, US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, has said that Ukraine can hope for a "clearer" statement of "what we have already said" at the NATO summit in Vilnius.

Source: Nuland during the 15th annual Kyiv Security Forum, as reported by European Pravda

Details: Nuland answered the question of what Ukraine can expect from the upcoming NATO summit in Vilnius. She stated that the Alliance intends to express its support more clearly.

Quote: "I think that Ukraine in Vilnius can expect a clearer statement of what we have already said. That we support Ukraine, which is increasingly becoming democratic and strong. And we support it [Ukraine – ed.] in the long term, as each individual member of the Alliance and collectively," she said.

"We also cooperate on intelligence and cyber security, and Ukrainians will see this strong relationship between NATO and Ukraine," added Nuland.

Background: As Ukraine's ambassador to NATO reported, Kyiv is preparing two packages for discussion at the NATO summit in Vilnius, including political and practical ones.

Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs, noted that Ukraine will not be satisfied with any other decision of the NATO summit in Vilnius in July, except for real steps regarding its membership in the Alliance.

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