You Can Now Watch and Vote on Five New Amazon Pilots, Starring Ron Perlman, Sarah Chalke, Mena Suvari, and More

Tim Surette

Remember that time you kicked open the door to an NBC exec meeting and demanded that the network pick up Wonder Woman, only to have everyone call you crazy before security threw you out on you keester? Well, a) you are crazy, and b) you are a nobody who isn't part of the exclusive television development process.

Or maybe you aren't crazy and you just kicked open the wrong door. Amazon wants you—yes, YOU—to have a say in its greenlighting process and has released another round of TV pilots to be watched and judged by the public, with your input having an influence over which ones grow up to become TV series. The company has done this before, a couple times actually, and even if Amazon never really explains exactly how much it listens to the feedback it receives, it's still a lot of fun to watch these pilots.

Let's take a quick look at the offerings in this round:


This is the one I'm most excited about! Ron Perlman (yes!) stars as a corrupt judge who thinks God is telling him set out on a path of vigilante justice. "Ron Perlman," "corrupt," and "vigilante justice" all in the same sentence? Yep, that sounds about right. Dana Delaney, Alona Tal, Garret Dillahunt, and Andre Royo (Bubbles!) also star. Watch it here.


This coming-of-age story directed by David Gordon Green (Prince Avalanche, Pineapple Express) is set in the 1980s and follows a college student who's trying to enjoy the last days of summer before his life gets serious. Jennifer Grey, Richard Kind, and Paul Reiser star. Watch it here.


A bunch of American ex-pats living in Paris do the searching-for-love-and friendship thing while trying to forget their pasts. This is a Whit Stillman (Metropolitan, Barcelona) joint, so expect plenty of talking and preppy Ivy Leaguers moaning about how their lives are so hard. Adam Brody, Dree Hemingway, Adriana Giannini, and Carrie MacLemore star, with Chloe Sevigny dropping by for a guest visit. Watch it here.


Amazon describes this one as "an investigative thriller about a haunted young doctor who is summoned back to her hometown to investigate an epidemic that may be linked to social media—and her own tragic past." Ummm, what? Mena Suvari, T.R. Knight, and Laura San Giacomo star. Watch it here.


Jay Chandrashekar (Broken Lizard, Super Troopers) directed, wrote, and starred in this comedy about being married and having kids and all the fun and baggage that comes with being married and having kids. Sarah Chalke plays his wife. Watch it by clicking this link right here.

Your homework: Watch 'em all and tell US what you think!