Now you see it: Podcaster Mike Rowe has book deal

NEW YORK (AP) — Podcaster Mike Rowe has decided to write a few things down.

Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, announced Thursday that Rowe is adapting material from his popular "The Way I Heard It" for a book of the same name. It is scheduled for Oct. 15 and includes 35 stories from his show, "accompanied by wholly original anecdotes and ruminations." Gallery promises a cast of movie stars, "bloody do-gooders" and other notables. For those who still want to hear his stories, Rowe will narrate the audio edition.

Rowe says in a statement that Gallery publisher Jennifer Bergstrom finally wore him down after asking him for years to write a book. Bergstrom calls "The Way I Heard It" a combination of Charles Kuralt and George Carlin.

Rowe was the host of the former Discovery Channel show "Dirty Jobs."