We now officially know what the "B" in IHOP's new name means

Drumroll, please. Or not – it all depends on your feelings about cheap pancakes.

As we predicted, after weeks of teasing, IHOP's dropping its big news. As of Monday, June 11th, 2018, the chain says it's changed its name to IHOb (for "International House of Burgers") from IHOP (for International House of Pancakes.)

Wow. This is just breathtaking stuff.

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The company made the announcement with a splashy burger-filled video posted to Twitter on Monday. IHOP customers can look forward to such traditional classics as the "Big Brunch Burger" and the "Cowboy Burger."

But because change isn't easy, Twitter reacted with utter confusion:

IHOb may not be with us for long, a company representative told us:

"Right now, there is not a defined time for how long we’ll use the IHOb name, but it is tied to the launch; we’re supporting the launch by flipping our Twitter handle and creating a fully re-burgered IHOb flagship restaurant in Hollywood, CA," Stephanie Peterson told Mashable. "All restaurants will have touches of the branding for the duration of the summer campaign. Based on fan demand, there’s the chance we may create more IHOb restaurants in the future."

But on a personal note: IHOb, you were there for me when no other chain was: When I was drunk and in desperate need of greasy corporate carbs. I thank you for your service.