Now you have an insanely simple way to quickly switch between Android apps

Brad Reed
Now you have an insanely simple way to quickly switch between Android apps

Do you wish that you have a quick and simple way to switch between your favorite Android apps that doesn’t involve returning to the home screen or clicking on the notifications center? If so then you may want to check out Last App Switcher, a brilliant new app that works for your apps the same way the “Last Channel” button works on your TV remote control.

Last App Switcher cleverly pitches itself as a solution to a situation we’ve all been in before.

“Imagine, you are browsing internet and a message arrives,” developer InPen writes in its description. “Normally, you would minimize your browser, open the chatting application, and reply to the message. Then press the recent apps button, find your browser, tap on it, and then continue browsing, huh! Suddenly, another message arrives! With LAS (Last App Switcher), you will be like ‘tap,’ chatting, ‘tap,’ browsing. Envision the figure of precious minutes you are going to save in a day.”

Last App Switcher has also recently added new options that will let you switch to your last app but holding down and swiping up on your device’s home key or by simply pressing the search shortcut. You can check Last App Switcher out and download it for free on your Android device by clicking the source link below.

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