Notice ‘We Buy Houses’ signs in Cleveland? Free ice cream rewarded for wrangling them up

CLEVELAND (WJW) – You’ve probably noticed signs reading “We buy houses,” posted on utility poles in Cleveland. Cleveland City Council member Kris Harsh has noticed them too.

“Every spring these signs pop up with the daisies,” Harsh said.

The Ward 13 representative said these signs are predatory in nature and is sick of seeing them around Cleveland.

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“These are people looking to lowball homeowners who are in a bind,” Harsh said. “And then they just try to flip them to an investor for a profit right away. These aren’t people that are really trying to help owner occupants move into the neighborhood or even help people sell their house for the most that they can.”

Harsh issued a challenge on social media — a bounty, if you will. Whoever wrangles up the most signs earns free ice cream from the Honey Hut.

“If ice cream is not your thing, get your kids and I’ll buy your kids ice cream,” Harsh said. “Everyone loves Honey Hut.”

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Harsh said the business practice of quitclaim deeds is not illegal, but placing the signs on city property is illegal. FOX 8 called the number on the signs requesting an interview but that was denied.

“These signs are not the best way to sell your house,” Harsh said. “If you’ve got a house and you’re trying to get rid of it, there are much better ways to maximize your profit. And that starts with contacting a realtor.”

Harsh’s sign bounty contest is extended across the entire city of Cleveland and goes through the end of the month.

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