No-Flower DIY Bouquet is Perfect for Weddings

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Nothing brightens up your home quite like a fresh bouquet. It makes the room feel vibrant and the air breathable. A bouquet doesn’t have to mean expensive flowers though! You can create a beautiful arrangement out of just greens instead. Also, for those of you heading down the aisle, this may be music to your ears. Knowing that your wedding ‘flowers’ don’t have to cost you a fortune, means you can relax and have some fun with your arrangements. 

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Usually a supporting character in a bouquet, the green element plays second fiddle to its vibrant, colorful, blooming counterparts. However, we think leaves and ferns deserve a little more credit than they’re given. There is so much to chose from - from Queen Anne’s Lace, to Maiden Hair Fern, to herbs of all sorts - greens are totally capable of being the stars of the show.

When you pick greens in varying hues that have leaves with different textures, your bouquet is sure to rival any grand flower arrangement.



  • Pick varying shades of greens, from light and almost white to dark and lush.

  • Pick leaves in varying sizes and textures.

  • Add a few drops of green food coloring to the water to make the arrangement pop even more.

  • Create levels in your arrangement. Start with a low focal point and build around it.

  • Add one type of green at a time, finishing with the most delicate.

  • Source your plants from your refrigerator, the garden or perhaps the greens that outlived the flowers in a previous bouquet.


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