Not Tonight, Honey, I'm on My Smartphone

Chad Brooks, BusinessNewsDaily Contributor<br /><a href="" ></a>

We all know we’re deeply attached, perhaps even addicted, to our computers and mobile devices. A new survey reveals the extent of it.

Nearly three-quarters of respondents in a Harris Interactive poll said they want access to their computers, smartphones and tablets while they are on vacation. Seventeen percent went so far as to say they wanted access during their honeymoon.

“These findings show that no matter what the situation, an overwhelming majority of Americans believe they should be able to remotely access all their devices, use applications and look for data anytime, anywhere,” Holger Felgner, general manager for TeamViewer, a provider of remote-access software, said in a prepared release. TeamViewer and Harris jointly conducted the survey of 2,300 Americans.

Situations in which respondents said they wanted mobile or computer access included:

  • While in bed: 48 percent
  • While shopping with a spouse: 36 percent
  • While at a sporting event: 29 percent
  • While on a date: 11 percent

The research also examined the growing trend in the individual use of multiple computers. Nearly two-thirds of the survey respondents are now using more than one computer, smartphone or tablet on a weekly basis, with 15 percent using four or more, Harris reported.

That number tilted toward men, with 35 percent saying they use three to  five devices, compared with 27 percent of women who said so.

Overall, the vast majority of respondents – 83 percent – said they wanted access to their computers while away from the office or house.

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