Do not talk to Justin Bieber, do not play Selena Gomez music

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Do not ever talk to Justin Bieber — hell, don’t even look at him — if you happen to be present while the little punk is on a photo shoot.

According to an alleged list of demands obtained by TMZ, Bieber has a ridiculous set of rules for what he requires during a photo shoot.

Some of them are the standard demands of a self-absorbed celebrity. like bottled water and veggie trays in the green room, but some of them are downright ludicrous.

Bieber certainly shows his age by some of the food he requests including, Swedish Fish, “Haribo Gola Gummiees” — which is probably supposed to read “Haribo Cola Gummies” — and Ritz Bits cheese sandwiches.

He also requests a boombox, speakers for an iPhone — specifically the iPhone 5.

His most ridiculous demands are that people “do not speak to talent,” meaning nobody is allowed to talk to Bieber. It is also hereby decreed that you there be “No Selena Music on set,” a reference to his ex-girlfriend and tween pop star Selena Gomez.

Basically, he is the worst.

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Do not talk to Justin Bieber, do not play Selena Gomez music

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