‘It’s not that I’m wearing a cape,’ Caddo County man rescues four people from fiery crash

GRACEMONT, Okla. (KFOR) – A Caddo County man is being called a hero for rescuing four people, after a driver said she lost control of her car, crashed into a canyon, before her car caught fire.

“I cant believe we got put of there,” said Berdina Kodaseet.

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Saturday afternoon, Kodaseet, her granddaughter, Beans, and two friends were driving down Highway 152 in Gracemont. That’s when she saw a new tan or white SUV centered in her lane.

“And as I swerved around, lost control of the vehicle, and there we went down. And all I seen was trees and we landed,” said Kodaseet.

Kodaseet said they landed upside down.

A friend, who made it out, said nine cars drove by but didn’t stop to help.

Thankfully, Cord Coffey did.

“The top of their car actually peeled off like a can opener,” said Coffey.

Coffey saw everything and called 911. He was in the right place at the right time.

“I would have to live with not doing something the rest of my life, so it’s not that I’m wearing a cape,” said Coffey.

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Coffey made several trips up and down the steep slope and drop off to make sure everyone was safe, especially 10-year-old Beans Kodaseet.

“That man, he had rolled himself down the thing,” said Beans.

“I said ‘Beans, do you trust me?’ and she said ‘I do!’ I immediately slid down the hill, got ahold of Beans, and she was like a cat. Once she started her momentum up she went up,” said Coffey.

The only person left was Berdina Kodaseet.

“Once she got out the car, the car blew up,” said Beans.

Kodaseet told Cord her arthritis in her knees was keeping her from going up the hill.

“And I said, ‘Well girlfriend, we’re gonna have to. We’re going to burn in this canyon if we don’t,'” said Coffey.

“I’m glad for Cord because it could’ve ended up a whole different way,” said Kodaseet.

The fire department arrived and helped pull Kodaseet out the rest of the way.

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Now, Kodaseet’s chest hurts and she was burned by her seatbelt. Beans has stitches in her legs and spent three days in the hospital for a sprained neck. They’re alive, though.

“Thank you for saving my grandma,” said Beans.

“I’m really glad that they trusted me. I’m just some country bumpkin running down the hill saying ‘Trust me, I’m going to get you out of here!’ You know?” said Coffey.

Kodaseet said the Kiowa tribe and a generous citizen have a $2,000 reward for information leading to the driver that caused her to swerve. All they know is it was a new tan or white SUV.

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