Norway, Sweden and Denmark to jointly buy artillery shells for Ukraine

Norway, Sweden and Denmark will jointly buy artillery shells for Ukraine.

Source: European Pravda, citing the Ministry of Defence of Norway

Details: Norway, Sweden and Denmark have jointly established the so-called Nordic ammunition initiative.

Quote from Bjørn Arild Gram, the Minister of Defence of Norway: "The three countries are contributing a total of about NOK 600 million together, and Ukraine will receive these ammunition rounds in 2023."

More details: The minister explained that this initiative will simultaneously help Ukraine with ammunition, which is an urgent need in the conditions of a high-intensity war, and also strengthen its own industrial base and security of ammunition supply.

The countries considered various options for continuing to deliver ammunition to Ukraine as quickly and efficiently as possible and agreed that it was most practical to use the framework agreement that the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation (FLO) has with the Norwegian company Nammo.

The minister added that NAMMO's ammunition production for Ukraine will not affect the pace of supply of products that the company should produce for Norway.

Norway will finance its participation in the initiative through the military block of the Nansen support programme for Ukraine.


  • Norway will allocate about EUR 17 million from this programme for demining territories in Ukraine where hostilities occurred.

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