Norway to allocate over $600 million for Ukrainian air defense, ammunition

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Oslo will increase aid to Ukraine by 7 billion Norwegian kroner (about $630 million), the bulk of which will support Kyiv's anti-aircraft and artillery ammunition supplies, Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere told the E24 news outlet on April 30.

Stoere previously said on April 21 that Norway would direct "significant sums" to Ukraine's air defense but did not specify the exact amount.

The new funds will primarily support military aid to Ukraine, with a smaller portion allocated to civilian financial aid, Stoere said.

Norway will partner with Germany, the United States, and other allies to find anti-aircraft ammunition to better protect Ukraine's skies. According to Stoere, air defense systems have already been produced and are ready to deliver to Kyiv in the near future.

"Now it's about delivering fairly immediately on this with air defense," Stoere said.

"We get daily news that Ukrainians are waking up to apartment buildings, hospitals and power plants being hit by Russian missiles. They must be able to defend themselves against this."

The funds will also support the Czech initiative to purchase artillery shells for Ukraine's front-line troops.

Norway has recently ramped up efforts to increase defense production, both for domestic needs and for aid to Ukraine. Oslo allocated 2 billion Norwegian kroner ($190 million) in January for Ukrainian aid.

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