North Korea Launches Rocket, Hell Breaks Loose

Adam Clark Estes
The Atlantic Wire
North Korea Launches Rocket, Hell Breaks Loose

After weeks of warnings and several stops and starts, North Korea launched its long range rocket on Tuesday night. It crashed into the waters off the Philipines just a few moments later. The reports, if true, are sort of a miracle since just 12 hours ago, North Korea's space-bound missile was experiencing some pretty serious malfunctions and was being dismantled. That's why they pushed the launch back a week. Did we mention this major malfunction happened 12 hours ago? Well, it sounds like the North Korean rocket scientists should've stuck with the earlier plan, since pieces of the rocket started raining down into the Pacific Ocean a few minutes after launch.

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Even though it was the second epic failure for the second time this year, North Korea's rocket launch is not making the country any friends. Seemingly seconds after the rocket left the ground, South Korea called an emergency security meeting. Japan called the launch "unacceptable" and said that it "cannot tolerate this action," after denying having attempted to intercept the rocket. Japan also scheduled a meeting of its security council. The United States, well, we have warships standing by. Let's hope this doesn't get to that.