This North Carolina bakery ranks No. 1 for holiday desserts. Why fans love its treats

A North Carolina bakery sells wreath-shaped cookies and eggnog doughnuts — and fans love the festive spirit.

Now, the dessert shop ranks as the state’s best place to go for holiday sweets. Suárez Bakery in Charlotte topped the list after the review website Yelp said it studied comments that customers left over time.

“We identified businesses in the bakeries categories on Yelp with a large concentration of reviews mentioning ‘holidays,’ then ranked those spots using a number of factors, including the total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning ‘holidays,’” the website wrote in its Dec. 5 report.

Suárez Bakery opened in 1992 and now has two locations — in Optimist Hall and on Park Road in the Montford neighborhood. The Montford location ranked No. 1 in North Carolina after several Yelp users praised the decadence of treats ranging from cakes to brownies.

Another fan-favorite food was Cuban bread, available on Saturday afternoons until the last loaf is sold.

“The thing about Cuban bread, it’s not like a baguette, where it’s real doughy in there,” owner Carlos Suarez told The Charlotte Observer in 2019. “The Cuban bread is crusty on the outside, but you press it and it gets thin.”

When it comes to the holidays, Yelp gave a nod to the bakery’s popular gingerbread men. Some customers also took to the website to rave about the decorated cookie selections, helping the shop earn more than four out of five stars. This year’s cookie designs feature reindeer, Christmas trees and other symbols of the season, a photo posted to Facebook shows.

Several holiday desserts are available at the shop, and more details about the end-of-the-year ordering process can be found at

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