New North Augusta restaurant brings vegan food to CSRA

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Oct. 6—For those curious about new foods, a new vegan friendly burgers and fries restaurant opened in North Augusta.

Angel Everett, an Augusta native and 10-year veteran, went vegan in 2017. Her new eatery called Dawg! That's Vegan, located at 1696 Knox Ave., looks to allow options for all diets.

"I feel that there is a need for it," she said. "Everybody has a certain type of diet that won't allow them to eat animal products, and we want to be there for them. I am a veteran of 10 years, so being active most of my younger adult days up until now is very important, and eating right is important. So, I feel like you should have those options here and in North Augusta."

As a University of Georgia fan, she liked the play on words on incorporating the word "dawg" into the restaurant name.

"When you are speaking Dawg, like Dawg that's vegan, it's just an interesting concept to put the dawg paw and the Southern talk in with the title," she said.

On the menu, you will find classic American fast food favorites, like chili dogs, french fries and burgers. As a substitute for beef products, the alternative Beyond meat and plant oils to cook will be used.

"Prepare to try something new, but also it's not necessarily the fast food that you would get from McDonald's that is ready in a few minutes," Everett said. "... When people come, they will see that we are able to cater to all diets. We have Jews, Muslims, everyone coming in that can actually eat the same American foods that everyone else eats."

Everett hopes to spark the curious eater into the vegan world.

"Most of our customers are curious and are not vegans at all, but they either like vegan food or they are just curious about the way it tastes," she said. "And I think people should come because we are soy free, our burgers are tasty, and they are juicy and they are just like regular beef burgers. A lot of health issues come with eating meat, but when you alter and when you take the beef concept out of it and you still get the taste and the quality, you can still have a burger and not have to sacrifice any quality."

Dawg! That's Vegan is working to expand in the CSRA. In the meantime, Everett challenges customers to taste the difference from vegan and beef burgers.

"I just encourage everyone to try it at least once; and, if you like it, let us be your home for vegan food," she said. "Especially if this is your first vegan burger, let us be your first."

Dawg! That's Vegan will be celebrating a grand opening ceremony in late November.

To learn more about the menu and hours, visit the Dawg! That's Vegan website at

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