North Attleboro hit with heavy rains after just recovering from last week’s flooding

A week after an epic rain storm dumped about seven inches south of Boston, more rain fell on the Attleboro’s.

“In the last rain, my basement got some water,” said Manuel Chlas of North Attleboro. “After work, I’m gonna go straight home and pray for no more rain.”

At least Monday’s rain won’t approach the epic totals of last week when more than 200 homes in North Attleboro suffered flood damage — not to mention numerous vehicles parked in vulnerable lots... such as behind 21 East, an apartment complex.

Alex Monteiro’s boyfriend lives there.

“When we pulled in last week, there were cars that you couldn’t even see their front tires,” Monteiro said. “The water was so high that some people had to leave their cars.”

The complex, apparently taking no chances, kept the back portion of its parking lot blocked off. And, it seems, with good reason. By 1 p.m., half the lot was covered in several inches of water; a couple of hours later an additional 8-10 feet was submerged.

Linda Michaud was sorry to hear about another moisture-laden storm. The North Attleboro resident said her basement flooded and now the boiler needs fixing. But she said they’re at least ready for next time.

“We got pumps down there now, water alarms and stuff,” she said.

Keeping track of the rising water: North Attleboro’s Fire Chief Christopher Coleman.

“We continue to monitor today’s rain and are being vigilant and monitoring the areas that have flooded,” Coleman told Boston 25 News. “We have coordinated with other area fire departments to ensure our water rescue assets are ready. Additionally, we are working with our DPW to monitor any flood-related issues.”

But as of mid-day Monday, Coleman could report no impacts connected to flooding.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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