Normcore - Fashion's most DIY Do-able Trend

Slothwear, Slob Wave, Athleisure, Normcore , Monodrobe. Call it what you will, but stylized blandness is in full fashion bloom. If feeling comfortable and nap-ready at all times is your thing, then you are terrifically chic this season. There are scores of Pinterest boards devoted to Snuggie-worthy styles to prove it.

Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 runways mastered the art of cocoon-wear and oversized, cozy comfort dressing. The great news about this trend is it’s totally DIY’able.

You don’t need $2,000 for Chloé sweats to look like you are “accepting and embracing our similarities as people.” (That’s the definition of Normcore as coined by trend forecasting company, K-hole.)


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You can be fashionably fabulous and get the same results in minutes, with a cheap, handmade oversized infinity scarf with this tutorial from Babble. Just triple the recipe, use sweatshirt fabric and Phoebe Philo has a run for her money.

Sloouch sisters, The Ashleys


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Normcore was the most searched fashion trend term in 2014 according to Dazed.  According to K-hole “It’s all about having a hyper-adaptable personality and being able to fit in wherever you are, as opposed to a conscious aesthetic choice.”



You can easily make your own wearable throw to rival The Row designers above, if you follow our simple steps here. Throw some heels or Birkenstocks on and you are right on trend.

Kate Moss slumming in an oversized sweater


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Mr. Kate shows us how to make a simple oversized turtle neck using thrift shop sweaters.


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Rhianna in sweats and stilts


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Olivia Palermo, baggy and classy


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Get some inspo from the high-end designs below and embrace your inner slouch. Be adventurous in your DIY game too! Cut a hoodie from a man’s sweatshirt and sew it onto an old sweater. Steal your boy friends sweatpants and add an oversized belt and heels and you wont be stuck on the couch but ready to hit the town. The good news is, your feet might hurt but your bum will be comfy!



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Bottega Veneta


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Glorified sweats from Vetements


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Blogger Mija


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Who What Wear has a complete guide to dressing normcore.


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It’s not the look for everyone, and you might want to skip it on date night. But normcore is sure to get people talking. And everyone agrees there’s nothing wrong with being comfortable.