Nokia Lumia 920 found to be most popular Windows Phone

Dan Graziano
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Nokia Lumia 920 Market Share
Nokia Lumia 920 Market Share

Consumers interested in a Windows Phone device have a few options to choose from. HTC (2498) offers the Windows Phone 8X and Windows Phone 8S, while Samsung (005930) has the ATIV S smartphone. None of these devices, however, can match the popularity of Nokia’s (NOK) flagship Lumia line. WPCentral points us to new data from AdDuplex showing that the Lumia 920 has just slightly surpassed the Lumia 800 to become the most popular smartphone running Microsoft’s (MSFT) mobile operating system. In fact, AdDuplex found that Nokia accounts eight of the top 10 most popular Windows Phone devices, with HTC accounting for the remaining two. As for operating system version, Windows Phone 7 was found to account for 57% of worldwide usage, compared to 43% from Windows Phone 8.

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