Noah Wyle: My Son Convinced Me To Star In Falling Skies; Actor Talks Season 2's 'Huge Mistake'

Noah Wyle stops by Access Hollywood Live on June 14, 2012 -- Access Hollywood

When we last saw Noah Wyle's "Falling Skies" Tom Mason character he was reluctantly about to board an alien ship - something he says turns out to be a major regret for his character on the TNT sci-fi show.

The alien invasion series kicks off a new season on Sunday and Noah stopped by Access Hollywood Live on Thursday, where he teased about the action that's in store for him and the rest of his ragtag band of rebel survivors.

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"I get on the ship, which turns out to be a huge mistake," the actor said about the first episode of the new season.

As for his acting career, the star has been able to avoid mistakes with the help of his children, son Owen, 9, and daughter Auden, 6.

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"We talk about the jobs I'm up for. We talk about things I'm thinking about doing," he explained to Billy and Kit. "I put the choice to him. It wasn't much of a choice, between, 'Do you want to see your dad be a lawyer or a policeman or an alien fighter?"

"Did your daughter have any say?" Kit asked.

Noah thought his daughter would have had another choice in mind, saying, "I want you to be a unicorn," playfully imitating his daughter.

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The "ER" star told Billy and Kit that he still keeps in touch with many of his former co-stars from the medical drama, including George Clooney. Both Noah and George have been recently arrested following protests in Washington, D.C.

"Clooney actually sent me a really funny text asking me if I needed bail money," Noah said, referring to his April arrest for protesting Congress' plan to cut Medicaid. "I said, 'No, I'm good, but we'll get together and swap yard stories one day.'"

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Adding, "I have the upmost respect for George, he's always walked the walk. I find him impressive professionally, personally, just across the board."

The two-hour Season 2 "Falling Skies" premiere airs Sunday on TNT at 9/8c.

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