No tolerance for anti-Ukrainian sentiment in Tusk’s government

Donald Tusk
Donald Tusk
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"I will never allow anyone in my government to base their position on any anti-Ukrainian sentiment,” recently elected Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said in an interview with Polish TVN24 on Jan. 12.

"When it comes to the war and our commitment, as well as that of the entire Western world, to Ukraine in its confrontation with Russia, there can be no doubt," Tusk said, adding that Ukraine needs the help of both Poland and the entire world in its fight against Russian aggression.

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"As long as Ukraine is at war with Russia, we are relatively safe."

Warsaw’s relations with Kyiv "have two dimensions," he said, noting that the previous government of Mateusz Morawiecki, led by the Law and Justice Party, "tried to play an anti-Ukrainian note" in the final months of the election campaign.

Tusk is currently working with European partners to counteract war fatigue. He believes that Europe should invest more in supporting Kyiv as Russia's war against it may last for a long time.

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"Russia has turned its economy into a war economy. We cannot pretend that nothing is happening here,” Tusk said.

“There can be no hesitation in this dimension of arming and supporting Ukraine in the war. For me, this is undeniable."

The "second dimension," according to Tusk, is "Poland's interests," including Polish carriers and farmers.

"I will certainly be more insistent. I will expect the Ukrainian side to help us cure all these pathological situations on the border, so that our people do not have to blockade and strike," he said, adding that the Poles want to help Ukraine, but "they should not suffer themselves, let alone the Ukrainians".

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Earlier, Tusk said he wanted to meet with Polish President Andrzej Duda "as soon as possible" to "discuss important issues," including his visit to Ukraine, which will take place "in the near future."

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy recently invited Tusk to visit Ukraine at the earliest opportunity, according to his Telegram.

Tusk, became Poland’s new Prime Minister, on Dec. 11, ending the eight-year rule of the ultra-conservative Law and Justice party.

During his speech, Tusk emphasized the importance of further aid to Ukraine and called for the West's “full mobilization.” He said that Russia's attack on Ukraine is an “attack on us all,” and should be discussed “in unison” to unite allies.

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Ukraine is seeking to arrange a visit to Kyiv by Tusk as soon as possible and begin resetting relations, Polish media reported on Dec. 13.

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