No suspects identified in vandalism of Grand Forks elementary school

Jul. 13—Police believe two or more people were involved in an apparent vandalism of Ben Franklin Elementary School sometime over the weekend.

As of Tuesday afternoon, July 13, no suspects have been identified, and the school does not have a camera system in place. Entry does not appear to have been made into the school building itself.

According to a police report, Cpl. Richard Fuka responded to a report of criminal mischief at the school just after 7 a.m. Sunday, July 11.

The caller was a dog walker who reported a classroom window had been broken out, leaving a hole large enough for a small person to enter the building, the report states. Fuka also found a door that had an 8-foot metal volleyball pole protruding from the glass portion of the door.

Fuka contacted a K-9 unit to help clear the school, and no one was found inside, according to the report. Officers also found no evidence that entry was made into the building.

School maintenance employees later notified police that a courtyard inside the school building had been accessed, which can only be done by doors into the school or from the roof.

Fuka wrote in his report that it appears the suspect or suspects climbed on the roof near the damaged door and dropped into the enclosed courtyard area with a cinderblock.

Rocks and portions of the cinderblock were reportedly thrown against the principal's and secretary's office windows, damaging the exterior wall and four windows. They then appear to have stacked one picnic table onto another and used the structure to climb back onto the roof to escape the area, according to the report.

Fuka noted that even with two tables stacked on top of each other, the roof was still about a 9-foot reach, leading him to believe multiple people were involved.