No Shell Bra for Faux Romney as 'Little Mermaid' [VIDEO]

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

What do Mitt Romney and the Little Mermaid have in common? More than you'd think, at least according to a new YouTube video in which a Romney look-alike sings a parody version of "Part of Your World."

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Just like Ariel, Romney complains that even though he seems to have everything, there's still something missing in his life. In his case, it's setting up shop at the White House.

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With the presidential election only a month away, we can expect the silly season of political parodies to keep pumping out the videos. Are you ready for the election to be over?

NASA Astronauts Dressed Like Jedi Monks in 1964

On Aug. 13, 1964, four NASA astronauts participated in desert survival training in the dusty sands of Reno, Nev. John Young, Frank Borman, Neil Armstrong and Deke Slayton wore brightly-colored parachute fabric that made the space travelers look like some sort of intergalactic Jedi monks. Add a Wookiee to the mix and you have the premise for a Star Wars sequel starring real life space heros. Image courtesy of NASA

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