No One Takes a Workout to the Next Level Like This Very Motivational Therapy Dog

Everyone needs a little encouragement from time to time, something that is on full display right here in this workout with a dog.

A clip of “Magnus the therapy dog” busting some killer moves with his owner has made the duo an exercise sensation on Instagram and Twitter. Magnus, you see, is a three-year-old Lab and certified therapy dog who clearly has a keen eye for subpar sit-ups and a take-no-prisoners attitude.

In the short video, Magnus spots his owner, rests atop him for some weighted pressups and just generally provides the most fitspirational company a gym-goer could dream of. Yes, Magnus even does the downward facing dog!

Magnus has collecting plenty of praise and admiration from the masses — hopefully even the occasional doggie treat as a post-cardio snack — because there’s no excuse for skipping a set with man’s best friend as a motivator. Personal training will never be the same again.