No Joke: New $2.50 Gadget Makes Batteries Last 8 Times Longer


(All photos courtesy of Batteriser.)

It sounds too good to be true, but a new $2.50 gadget promises to bring your AA and C batteries back from the dead.

The Batteriser “extends the life of your batteries up to 8x,” the company says on its website.

You might be skeptical, but the Silicon Valley startup says it’s simply been able to take advantage of a well-known downside of standard batteries.

The tiny device works by tapping into the unused energy in a regular Duracell or Everyready. A normal AA or C cell is designed to deliver a steady 1.5 volts, but as the power is depleated the voltage will drop. Once it slips too low, your TV remotes and toys and other devices will stop working.


But not if you have a Batteriser, company CEO Bob Roohparvar tells PC World magazine.

“The Batteriser has boost circuitry that will boost the voltage from 0.6 volts to 1.5 volts and will maintain voltage at 1.5—which is a brand new battery,” Roohparvar says.

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To prove this isn’t just science fiction, Roohparvar demoed the Batteriser for PC World, which found it delivered as promised.


The physics department of San Jose State University also reviewed the Batteriser. “We tested the Batteriser sleeve in our lab and we confirmed that the Batteriser taps into 80 percent of energy that is usually thrown away,” said the university’s Dr. Kiumars Parvin in a statement given to PC World.

If you’re still not excited, here are some additional claims from the Silicon Valley startup:

The Batteriser just slips on a normal battery without making it too bulky to fit in your various devices.

It can be used over and over.

The company insists it’s safe to touch and is chemical-free. You can bring it in your carry-on bag or luggage, since it doesn’t violate any TSA rules.

It will slip over any normal AAA, AA, C, or D battery.

It slices, dices, and chops, too!  (OK, we made that one up.)

The tech world is littered with overhyped technology that never delivered the goods. But PC World’s test run has us excited about Batteriser.

They say a pack of four will go on sale this September.

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