No arrest made in connection with Saturday shooting, DA to charge after investigation

Apr. 2—CHEYENNE — While the investigation continues into a fatal shooting that happened in Cheyenne on Saturday, a suspect has not been arrested.

Police were called to the 1700 block of Oxford Drive at around 11 p.m., after what officers later determined was a "loud physical and verbal disturbance" between a male and female ended in a neighbor shooting the male to death. The residence is northeast of the Capitol 16 movie theater and directly north of the Arp Elementary/Eastridge building.

In a social media post Sunday morning, the Cheyenne Police Department announced that one unidentified individual was "detained." As of Tuesday, however, the CPD told the Wyoming Tribune Eagle that nobody had been arrested in connection with the matter. The agency is continuing to investigate the incident, CPD Public Information Officer Alexandra Farkas told the WTE on Tuesday.

"... An arrest/charging (recommendation is) part of the ongoing investigation," Farkas said in a text message to the WTE. "Additionally, detectives do not believe there is a danger to the public."

The name of the deceased is currently being withheld at the request of the county coroner's office, Farkas also said. He was identified as a 38-year-old male in a news release sent out Monday.

A man who claimed to be the shooter spoke with CPD, the agency wrote in the release, and was "detained," but not arrested. That same release said a "preliminary investigation" showed that "a loud physical and verbal disturbance occurred between the 38-year-old man and a woman at the apartment earlier in the evening."

"According to statements, the shooter, an upstairs tenant, heard yelling in the unit below," the agency's account of the preliminary investigation continued. "He armed himself with a handgun and went downstairs to intervene. While in the stairwell between both apartments, a disturbance occurred that resulted in the decedent being fatally shot."

Once the investigation is completed, the report from CPD will be forwarded to the Laramie County District Attorney's Office for a determination on charges. DA Sylvia Hackl told the WTE that she expected to receive the information from CPD very soon.

"We are waiting for the investigative report from the police department," Hackl told the WTE early Tuesday afternoon. "... I would hope that we would hear from them today (Tuesday) or tomorrow (Wednesday), in the very, very near future. But, we are waiting for their report, and then we will make a decision."

Once reports from law enforcement agencies come through, Hackl added that the DA's office often needs to make a charging decision relatively quickly.

"We operate on a really short timeline because, once charges are filed in any case, an individual has to be in front of a judge — depending upon when they're arrested — usually in about 48 hours," she continued. "So, we make our decisions pretty quickly because the information's there, and their report tells us what we need to know, and then we make a decision. So, I would say, you know, certainly within the day we get the report."

Both Hackl and Farkas said this was standard practice for their respective agencies, which they both said work closely with one another.

This is the second shooting death in two weeks in the capital city and the fourth reported so far in 2024. The first took place in February just a few blocks to the southwest of this location, though under different circumstances.

Samir Knox is the Wyoming Tribune Eagle's criminal justice and public safety reporter. He can be reached by email at or by phone at 307-633-3152. Follow him on X at @bySamirKnox.