NJ has second-best schools in US, says educational resource report

New data reveals New Jersey has the second-best school system in the country.

According to Teach Simple, an educational resource site, New Jersey is second only to Massachusetts when it comes to academics and other important scholastic details, such as strong student-to-teacher ratios to high ACT scores.

The East Coast dominates the Teach Simple list with seven states in the top 10.

Arizona was determined to be the state with the worst school system in the country, according to Teach Simple.

Using data from sources including the National Center for Education Statistics and the Nation's Report Card, the Teach Simple report analyzed factors such as bullying rates, academic performances and student-to-teacher ratio.

Teach Simple, which provides unlimited teaching resources created by teachers for teachers, used data from grade 8 tests, ACT and SAT scores as well as graduation and dropout rates, student-to-teacher ratios and number of public libraries and books. Reports of bullying, average annual teacher salaries and expenditures on instruction, school maintenance and student support, food services and transportation were examined as was other data used from suspension and expulsion reports, students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch, people in state-run Adult Education Programs and students who possessed firearms at school.

Each factor was awarded an index score out of 10, with 10 being the best possible score. These scores were combined to determine the ranking.

New Jersey scored a total of 69.19, with 10s in multiple categories. According to the data, the average score in grade 8 was 269.78 for reading and 175.33 for writing and the public expenditure on student support, food services and transportation came in at $3,625 per student.

Massachusetts placed first, with a final score of 71.54. The state received the highest possible score of 10 for the average mathematics score in grade 8 at 283.59, as well as a score of 10 for the average ACT score, 26.50. It also scored 9.59 for a low bullying rate.

Best school systems in the US

  1. Massachusetts - 71.54

  2. New Jersey - 69.19

  3. Connecticut - 62.80

  4. New York - 62.31

  5. Maryland - 58.48

  6. Iowa - 58.19

  7. Maine - 58.12

  8. Virginia - 57.34

  9. Pennsylvania - 55.52

  10. Wisconsin - 55.43

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