NJ bashes Pennsylvania with Spotify Wrapped jokes on X

Spotify wrapped is here, bringing with it a slew of meme-worthy ammunition. New Jersey's official account on X, formerly Twitter, is yet again proving the state as the funniest (and snarkiest) comedian among its neighbors.

But maybe we're biased.

While many were flurrying to social media to share their top songs and artists in 2023, NJ took a more competitive spin on the trend.

"You spent 525,600 minutes this year stuck behind Pennsylvania drivers in the left lane on the NJ Turnpike," the post read, adapting to Spotify's colorful wrapped aesthetic.

"They cross the entire state without leaving the left lane on Route 78," one user replied.

About 3 hours later Pennsylvania's official X account responded, using the same template to keep up the bit.

"Anyone else spend most of the year trying to leave New Jersey?" the account asked, paired with the same colorful image that read, "You spent 525, 600 minutes this year using the NJ turnpike to leave new 'joisey.'"

You didn't think New Jersey would let it end there, did you?

The account responded quickly, saying, "You mean driving back from the shore?"

Once again, the Garden State reigns supreme.

Besides fighting with its neighbor, NJ also made sure to pay homage to some of its East Coast icons, posting its own version of the Spotify wrapped topped artists and songs, captioned, "Jersey core."

The post included artists like Bruce Springsteen, Halsey and Whitney Houston, with the top genre, of course, being labeled "New Jersey."

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This article originally appeared on Cherry Hill Courier-Post: Spotify Wrapped jokes fuel NJ, PA rivalry