Nivea's New Ad Racist?

Kiri Blakeley

Nivea cream's new ad for Nivea For Men is seriously offending some in the black community. The ad shows a short-haired black man in a gray sweater tossing the head of a black man with an Afro and beard, with the motto: "Look Like You Give A Damn.... Re-Civilize Yourself."

See the ad here.

The ensuing hoopla has Nivea trending on Twitter, and probably not in the way the company hoped it ever would. One popular Retweet is: "Nivea says to 're-civilize' yourself. Welp. Get rid of the whole bottle of lotion."

"Should I be bleaching my skin because of the Nivea ad?" another person Tweeted.

ClutchOnline gave the company the benefit of the doubt. Sort of. "Perhaps they are trying to capitalize on the popularity of Planet of the Apes?" it facetiously asked.

The ad is so odd that when I first looked at it, I misread "Face Body Shave" as "Face Body Shame." Well, I guess it's interesting to know that ads can still be racist as well as sexist. It wasn't too log ago that the California Milk Processor Board was proclaiming that milk could help men survive the raging hormones of their PMSing women.

"I bet Nivea is furiously writing an apology right now," another Tweeted.

It will be interesting to see what Rhianna, the face of Nivea, might have to say about this. No word yet from either the company or the singer.

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