Nintendo TVii: Second Screen, Wii-Style

Christina Warren
Nintendo TVii: Second Screen, Wii-Style
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Nintendo TVii

At its big Wii U launch event in New York City, Nintendo announced the big entertainment component for its new console: Nintendo TVii.

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The major innovation with Nintendo TVii is that it will bring content from multiple sources into once place. That means that your cable TV, DVR content and subscription services will all be accessible and sortable in one space.

The user can scroll through their TV or streaming options on the Wii U tablet controller and play content on their TV. This includes movies, TV shows and live sports.

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Nintendo wasn't specific about details with live-TV integration, but the integration with existing streaming services such as Hulu Plus and Netflix looks really slick. Rather than having to find out what programming is available by searching each service, a user can get a glimpse of what they can watch, based on the services they subscribe to.

When watching video or live TV on your television, the Wii U controller transforms into a second-screen device with real-time updates based on what's happening within the show itself.

At first glance, this looks like a mashup between GetGlue HD and some of what Microsoft showed off with its SmartGlass for Xbox 360.

Nintendo wants to "make it simple to watch TV again." The company worked with i.TV to power the customizable guide option. It's included with the Wii U for no additional monthly fee.

Nintendo says it will be rolling out the service in the U.S. and Canada later this year.

Mashable will be getting a hands-on look at Nintendo TVii later today.

Nintendo TVii

Nintendo announced a new entertainment component for its new Wii U console: Nintendo TVii which will bring content from multiple sources into once place.

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