Nintendo Costume Hoodies--for Cosplay or Keeping Warm

Last weekend at New York Comic Con, there was a couple things I saw or heard a lot of. The first was Cosplayers. We posted our gallery HERE. While Cosplayers are known for their hard work in creating elaborate costumes, not everyone has these crazy skills. One thing I did see was quite a few people wearing something a little simpler, character hoodies.

The second thing that happened a lot was conversation about Super Smash Bros. on the 3DS. Mario and friends may not have appeared in comics for some time and this wasn't a video game convention, but I heard a lot of people talking about the game (maybe 25% of the conversation came from Inferiorego). To bring this all together, there were also several Cosplayers fully dressed as Mario or Luigi.

For those wanting to embrace their love for Nintendo characters and feed the urge to dress up a little, there is an easier solution, Nintendo Character zip up hoodies. These can be found at TV Store Online and I even wore one around the office.

I went with a Mario hoodie. I was tempted to get Luigi but thought that green might be a little too intense for me to wear. It's all about skin tone and what colors look good on you, right? If you feel Mario and Luigi are overrated or too goody-goody, there's also a Wario hoodie. If that wasn't enough, there's also a Link (from Legend of Zelda) hoodie as well.

The hoodie is comfortable. You can see at the website, they're pretty affordable. That makes it easier to buy as a novelty gift for that diehard Mario fan in your life...or for yourself. You can also follow them on Twitter for updates on other items they have available.

Check out how stylish they are!

If you do order one, I'd say to tell them Comic Vine sent you. But what you'd be doing is just talking to your computer monitor. If anyone was around you, they might wonder who you're talking to. This could be a nice and easy gift. You can even wear it for Halloween if you just want something simple and the convenience of not having to worry about a huge and cumbersome costume.

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