Nikita Dragun is facing backlash for throwing a birthday party where maskless influencers kissed each other

Nikita Dragun
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  • Influencer Nikita Dragun is facing criticism for her massive birthday party over the weekend.

  • Dozens of maskless influencers attended the event.

  • Dragun said all guests were tested for COVID-19 before they arrived.

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Influencer Nikita Nguyen, better known as Nikita Dragun, has hosted yet another pandemic party - this time for her 25th birthday.

Dozens of maskless influencers attended the event in LA over the weekend, including Thomas Petrou and Larri Merritt (Larray). Dragun put up a special vagina-shaped door for the guests to enter her home through.

"thank u for making my birthday so special," she wrote on Instagram. "i take birthdays so serious [because] i'm finally living my life authentically as me... i remember when i invited my whole kindergarten class to my bday and no one showed up... i'm a weird kid for life !! thankful to have so many amazing ppl in my life today i feel nothing but love."

Thomas Petrou, the founder of the TikTok collective the Hype House posted a video to his YouTube channel on January 31, which documented the party.

The footage showed influencers, including YouTubers Tana Mongeau and Patrick Starr, celebrating in Dragun's home and garden.

Further videos from guests' Instagram stories showed Mongeau and Starr kissing. Mongeau posted a photo of her and TikToker Larray getting close.

People have been sharing their distaste at influencers who continue to attend parties and post about it on social media amid the pandemic.

"It isn't even about masks at this point," said one Twitter user. "They shouldn't be in a large group, throwing parties, masks or not. They should be social distancing."

"CHARGE THESE PEOPLE," tweeted another person, who tagged LA public health and the governor of California. "They're putting lives on the line and are blatantly disobeying public health orders."

YouTuber Chris Klemens, who has been a vocal critic of influencers who have not followed California's coronavirus guidelines, shared Dragun's tweet about her party, calling her "lame and s----ty."

He also shared a screenshot of one of Dragun's Instagram posts where she commended her mother and sister, both healthcare workers, for battling the pandemic. She thanked healthcare workers and their families, and urged everyone to "stay home."

Dragun followed up her Instagram post about her party with a story, saying that "all my guests were tested."

However, some critics pointed out that if this is true, it still shows an uncomfortable class divide between the rich celebrities who can afford miltiple rapid tests a week to keep up their partying lifestyle, while so many people in LA are staying home out of fear or care for the population.

"This is beyond annoying," one person said. "I dont give a f--- who was tested or not. I'm about to spend my second birthday in lockdown (as well as millions of others) you don't need a f---ing party."

House parties are also still prohibited in California, and the state remains a hotspot for the virus.

Nikita Dragun
Nikita Dragun said all her guests were tested for COVID-19. Nikita Dragun / Instagram

Dragun has been a familiar face over the pandemic, either planning or attending many parties. She flew to Miami and was caught not wearing a mask in a crowded elevator on New Year's Eve, and was responsible for planning various ragers for TikTokers over the summer.

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