These NICU babies are dressed for St. Patrick’s Day

These wee lads and lassies may be making their temporary home in the NICU, but thanks to some festive holiday gear, they will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day in style.

Oftentimes, families may miss out on celebrating milestones with babies in the NICU, but this hospital team wanted to make sure to mark the occasion. These cute little leprechauns are being cared for at Mass General for Children and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, two members of Mass General Brigham.

"Families in the NICU deal with significant stresses and many times, the unknown," Erika Nolan, a NICU nurse at Mass General for Children, tells "Our teams are dedicated to normalizing each baby’s first few weeks and months as much as possible."

Despite the constraints of hospitalization, the nursing staff costumed the babies in green gear to "bring joy to nervous families in need of celebrations and smiles."

With a jaunty green top hat, this little lad is certainly "lucky" to be surrounded by gold ... and such a caring hospital staff.

This sleepy sweetheart is layered up for the changeable Irish weather. In this case, the accessories say it all.

A pennant and sparkles can truly add cheer to any afternoon.

This Irish shepherd looks mighty protective of his little lamb.

This babe is giving defiant Boston feistiness.

Of course, Boston has an extra-special celebration for St. Patrick's Day because the city's basketball team, the Celtics, and it's mascot, Lucky the Leprechaun, tip their hat to the large number of Irish inhabitants. Project Sweet Peas donated the athletic garb.

Here, the hospital staff holds court while this infant gets warmed up.

"Double dribble" has a whole new meaning when it comes to NICU twins.

These cute kicks are going to tear up that parquet floor at the Garden.

And now it's time for an Irish exit!

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