Nicole Linton Was Involuntarily Committed Multiple Times Before LA Crash, Attorneys Said

Prosecutors said that Nicole Linton, who is facing manslaughter charges after allegedly causing a fiery car crash in Los Angeles County, harmed herself and was involuntarily committed for psychiatric treatment multiple times before the wreck, the Los Angeles Times reports.

A filing opposing Linton’s pretrial release revealed details of Linton’s mental health.

“The defense has disclosed a number of prior incidents which appear to be increasing in severity, ranging from the defendant jumping on police cars to jumping out of apartment windows,” L.A. County Deputy Dist. Atty. Brittany Vannoy wrote in the filing, according to the LA Times. “The defense indicates [Linton] has been subject to involuntary commitments on several occasions and has hurt herself more than once.”

Vannoy added that due to Linton’s reckless driving habits, mental health issues and ties to individuals out of the country, she should be held without bail pretrial.

“The defendant’s extremely reckless conduct combined with her mental health struggles that have escalated to the point of taking the lives of six individuals and harming seven more clearly comport with the exceptions for detention without bail under the California Constitution,” Vannoy said.

The filing, however, does not address previous car crashes linked to Linton.

Though Linton’s defense team has yet to make a statement regarding the filing, they vehemently denied the validity of her history of car crashes.

“Our initial investigation has demonstrated that that allegation that’s been bandied about in the media is patently false,” Halim Dhanidina, one of Linton’s attorneys, said, according to the LA Times. “It’s been reported extensively and it’s not true.”

Linton was scheduled to appear in court for a bail hearing on Monday, but her attorneys asked if it could be postponed so they could continue their preparation and investigation. The former nurse is currently being held at the Century Regional Detention Center.

“All things considered, she’s trying to keep her chin up and is anxiously awaiting further resolution in court,” Dhanidina told the LA Times outside the courtroom.


Linton is scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 31.