Nick Cannon Says He Drops Over $3M A Year On His 12 Kids, Child-Support System Unnecessary For Him

At this point, the mothers of Nick Cannon’s 12 children will never have to worry about financial support. The Wild ‘n Out creator and host is one of the hardest-working men in Hollywood. According to Celebrity Networth, Cannon’s net worth is $20 million and growing.

Children 11 and 12 were recently added to Cannon’s brood, and his constantly expanding family has led many to question what his monthly dad tab looks like. While the total may be unknown and possibly astronomical, Cannon is adamant that the government won’t have a say about it.

Recently, The Sun did some math and calculated that Cannon’s yearly child support bill could be around $3 million. The outlet came up with the total after counting up the coins from his multiple streams of income and factoring in California’s current child support laws.

According to California family law attorney Goldie Schon, the monthly totals per child could range from $40,000 to $80.000, This could mean Abby De La Rosa, who recently gave birth to her third child with Cannon, could see well over $800,000 per year.

Although the numbers seem believable, Cannon claims the outlet’s calculations were way off.

In an exclusive statement released to @TheNeighborhoodTalk he claims to spend well over The Sun’s calculation of $3 million on his children.

Cannon debunked the outlet’s claims in his statement.

“I definitely spend a lot more than that on my children annually,” he explained. “I don’t plan to ever have to participate in the governmental system of child.”

It was also pointed out that he doesn’t work directly with attorney Goldie Schon who was quoted in the original article.

Although Cannon attempted to clear up questions about his financial contributions, the total is still unknown.

Some speculations about how much he actually forks over were made when Blavity reported that his son’s mother, Bre Tessi was asking for assistance on Instagram.


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Tessi complained of sleep deprivation because her 2-month-old son has been “screaming his little head off” throughout the night.

When a fan suggested she get a night nurse, Tessi responded with questions about “who was going to pay for it.”

The financial uncertainty sent followers into an uproar about if in fact, Cannon gave as much as he insinuated.

Cannon has yet to confirm any monthly or yearly totals for the care of his children. But he ensures that all of his kids and their mothers are provided for.