Nice save! Home Depot employee catches falling baby

Yahoo News

Chris Strickland just earned himself some serious karma points.

The Home Depot employee dove toward a baby who was falling out of a nearby shopping cart, saving the infant from what could have been a serious collision with the ground.

Footage of the save was caught on video and then uploaded to YouTube by a person claiming to be Strickland's brother.

From the looks of the video, which is grainy, the baby was in a car seat that was resting unsecured atop a shopping cart. For whatever reason, the car seat began to tip. Fortunately, Strickland reacted in time.

Mashable reports that Strickland works at a Home Depot store in Anchorage, Alaska. He received a special award from his employer following the incident, according to Mashable. 

The Web is full of stories about ordinary folk doing extraordinary things while on the job.  Late last year, a Verizon employee in Massachusetts performed CPR on a man who had passed out outside the store. And in North Carolina, two Goodwill employees were honored for saving a woman's life. 

Good deeds don't always go rewarded, though. Last month, a Meijer employee said he was fired after he left his post to put out a vehicle fire.  A similar situation befell a Walmart worker who was fired after he helped a woman who was being attacked in the store parking lot. The man was later reportedly offered his job back, but he refused.

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