Nice save! Home Depot employee catches falling baby

Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo News
Yahoo NewsJanuary 15, 2014

Chris Strickland just earned himself some serious karma points.

The Home Depot employee dove toward a baby who was falling out of a nearby shopping cart, saving the infant from what could have been a serious collision with the ground.

Footage of the save was caught on video and then uploaded to YouTube by a person claiming to be Strickland's brother.

From the looks of the video, which is grainy, the baby was in a car seat that was resting unsecured atop a shopping cart. For whatever reason, the car seat began to tip. Fortunately, Strickland reacted in time.

Mashable reports that Strickland works at a Home Depot store in Anchorage, Alaska. He received a special award from his employer following the incident, according to Mashable. 

The Web is full of stories about ordinary folk doing extraordinary things while on the job.  Late last year, a Verizon employee in Massachusetts performed CPR on a man who had passed out outside the store. And in North Carolina, two Goodwill employees were honored for saving a woman's life. 

Good deeds don't always go rewarded, though. Last month, a Meijer employee said he was fired after he left his post to put out a vehicle fire.  A similar situation befell a Walmart worker who was fired after he helped a woman who was being attacked in the store parking lot. The man was later reportedly offered his job back, but he refused.

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