NFL Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw complains about service at Springfield Walmart

Pro Football Hall of Famer and Fox NFL commentator Terry Bradshaw posted a video this week on social media complaining about the service at a Springfield Walmart.

The Pittsburgh Steeler legend is in town for a horse show that he is sponsoring.

In the close-to-five-minute video originally posted to his Facebook page — but reposted on TikTok — Bradshaw, driving down Dirksen Parkway, said his granddaughter — Kaydence Zurie Hester — was supposed to get a bicycle as a reward for competing in the Palomino Horse Breeders of America World Horse Show at the Illinois State Fairgrounds.

Bradshaw describes his family going to the Walmart on Dirksen to purchase the bike.

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"We couldn't get anyone to wait on us at the store," Bradshaw said in the video. "We stopped three people (and) asked them, 'Would you help us buy this bike?' We picked it out, we even eventually got it down from the top just by trial and error. We got nobody to help us."

After managing to take Kaydence's preferred bike down from the rack, Bradshaw and company finally tracked down an employee who called customer service to help but no help came. His wife, Tammy, also complained about the lack of help in purchasing a hair dryer.

"Nobody would wait on her to buy a simple hair dryer," Bradshaw said.

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Despite the lack of help, Bradshaw said they managed to purchase the bike and got air into the tires without help from Walmart employees. He implored people not to go to the store, saying that other big-box locations would be a better place for people to spend their hard-earned cash.

"If you live in Springfield, Illinois, and want to buy some stuff, don't go to Walmart," Bradshaw said. "Go to Target, go to Home Depot (and) see if the service isn't a little better there. I'm shocked that these people make billions of dollars each year and the service is so bad."

The video was liked 192 times and shared 452 times on TikTok.

A spokesperson for Walmart said they were aware of the situation and had contacted his representatives to rectify it.

Bradshaw's quarter horse breeding operation has several horses in competition at the event, which runs through Saturday at the fairgrounds.

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