New next-gen Xbox details emerge, reinforcing reports that used games will be unplayable

Zach Epstein
BGR News

Xbox 720 Used Games Blocked
Xbox 720 Used Games Blocked

The mystery surrounding Sony’s (SNE) PlayStation 4 will soon dissipate when the company unveils its next-generation video game console on February 20th. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s (MSFT) upcoming rival console is still very much a mystery, though pieces of the puzzle continue to come together. The latest report comes from Edge, which cites multiple unnamed people with “first-hand experience of Microsoft’s next generation console” in claiming that the new Xbox will require an always-on internet connection to check disc registration in order to function. The report reinforces earlier rumors that Microsoft will restrict or even completely block owners’ ability to play used games.

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Edge also reaffirms specs reported earlier, including a 1.6GHz eight-core AMD CPU, D3D11.x 800MHz graphics and 8GB of RAM, and it says we should expect a new Kinect sensor to launch alongside the console.

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Microsoft’s next Xbox is expected to be unveiled during the E3 gaming conference this summer.

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