Next-gen BlackBerry phones rumored to have 8-core processors

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Next-gen BlackBerry phones rumored to have 8-core processors

BlackBerry may be trying to ensure that no one ever accuses it of being behind the hardware times ever again. PhoneArena has been hearing rumors that BlackBerry’s next-generation Z50 and Q30 smartphones will come equipped with octo-core processors designed by low-cost chip manufacturer MediaTek. The Z50 will apparently be the touchscreen-only flagship device that will follow the Z10 while the Q30 will apparently be the followup to BlackBerry’s Q10 QWERTY keyboard device. BlackBerry fans may have to wait a while to get their hands on these new devices, however: PhoneArena’s sources claim that the Q30 won’t come until the second quarter of 2014 while the Z10 won’t release until the third quarter next year.

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