Survive Doomsday With Cocktails at These Killer Hideouts

Amy Schellenbaum

Photo via Dezeen

Welcome to December, the last month the world will exist, according to some interpretations of the Mayan calendar. With T-minus 18 days until life as we know it is DUNZO, it's about time to finalize those apocalypse plans. While there are bound to be doomsday real estate deals aplenty floating around on Craigslist, the more intensely paranoid—not to mention obscenely wealthy—have a slew of chic, souped-up bunker options to choose from. Although it's unlikely that Los Angeles' hotly anticipated porn bunker will be built in time for Dec. 21, find below 10 of the most extravagant doomsday abodes with their own protective specialties and feel-good amenities. From underwater caverns and subterranean medical centers to alpine vessels that withstand extreme weather and old forts with 360-degree territory views, at least one of these over-the-top options is bound to see Dec. 22, right?

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