Get Organized! 4 Chic Ways to Display Your Jewelry

Angela Elias

Why hide your best baubles in a box when you can put them on display? These four jewelry-organizing ideas are just as stylish as they are clever. Whether you're a DIY guru or a one-stop-shop maven, there's something here for everyone!

A Helpful Hand

Photo by Melissa Oholendt via Emily Henderson

Anatomical sculptures can serve double duty. Follow designer Emily Henderson's lead by styling a hand sculpture with your best baubles or outfitting a head sculpture with some chunky necklaces. For more bedroom-decorating ideas, take a look at the rest of this stunning space!

Something Blue

Source: Little Green Notebook

If you're a sucker for vintage blue opaline but don't have the patience to slowly curate a collection, consider the DIY route. Little Green Notebook blogger Jenny Komenda scooped up an assortment of miscellaneous glass dishes at Goodwill and covered them with oil-based enamel spray paint - in the perfect shade of bright blue, of course. Check out her spray-paint tutorial to give your jewelry collection a streamlined pop of color!

The New Inspiration Board

If the back of your door is already occupied by hat hooks or a mirror, there's another smart and equally stylish solution! Apply the same principle to a framed and fabric-lined board. Customize your own version, or take a shortcut by buying this cute jewelry organizer board ($64) from Etsy user ShopSuiteV!

Hanging Around

Photo by Burcu Avsar via Martha Stewart Living, copyright ©2012

Mirrors aren't the only useful things that can hang from the back of your closet door. Try mounting a skinny wooden dowel equipped with cup hooks on the back of your door for instant organization. For a breakdown of the process, visit Martha Stewart Living.

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