Design your way to a smoother real estate transaction

Andrea V. Brambila

Real estate transactions can be complicated.

They involve multiple people, forms to explain and fill out, and rules and regulations to navigate. There are ever expanding ways of communicating and sharing information, and often there's a great deal of emotion on either side of the deal.

The key to simplifying this process? System design.

That's according to Eric Bryn, vice president of digital innovation at Chicago-based brokerage Baird & Warner Real Estate. Bryn will be joining five other panelists to discuss how to make buying a home "as easy as buying a latte" at Real Estate Connect New York City, which runs Jan. 16-18 at the Grand Hyatt New York.

On a panel called "What does the industry need to do to make the 'Latte Vision' happen?" Bryn will add insights from his own experience as both a systems expert and a coffee lover.

"If you look at one of the most successful latte companies out there, Starbucks," he said, it's the people involved in a transaction -- the customer and the barista -- who are most important.

"First is information. Starbucks has almost perfected the art of information to the barista," he said. Starbucks trains its workers to take orders in a particular way, stack cups in a specific fashion, and use a certain nomenclature and taxonomy to ensure the barista understands sometimes very complicated orders correctly.

"They have a great system to support the barista for the barista to deliver an exceedingly great experience to the customer. They have a culture. It all centers around the barista. And if there's a mistake, it's immediately corrected. That's part of the latte vision."