Channel Task and Reading Lamp


Howabout some lighting from Rich Brilliant Willing for this Wednesday afternoon? The Channel lamps are fit for many a modern interior, thanks to their minimal silhouette and material mix. High efficiency LEDs are set up in a linear configuration and housed in an aluminum channel (clue as to where the lamps get their names); add a vertical wood dowel and a circular metal base and, ta-da, you have your minimal light source that’s perfect for a desktop or reading chair, depending on the version you choose.

Channel is designed for use in commercial or home office settings.
Manufactured by RBW.
Made in USA.

-Powerful, low energy lighting from a lightweight lamp.
-Arm is anodized aluminum and acrylic, mast is maple, base is painted steel.
-7.3W LED strip at 2700K light temperature.

Channel Task and Reading Lamp
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Channel Task and Reading Lamp

Channel Task Lamp, $575
Dimensions: 6″ D x 17.5″ W x 14.5″ H

Channel Reading Lamp, $750
Dimensions: 10″ D x 18″ W x 46″ H

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