Builders' Show: Colorful new Trex decking that resists mold

For composite decking without the mold issues that plagued earlier products, Trex is showing off its latest line, Trex Select, at the International Builders' Show in Las Vegas. Also on display is a new tropical color for the premium Transcend line.

The new Trex Select offers the same polymer shell that's found on the older Transcend and mid-range Enhance lines. This shell, on all but the bottom side, protects the surface from the elements, heavy foot traffic, and spills. It's also claimed to resist stains and mold.

As with the Transcend line, Select is available at lumberyards, through Trex installers, and—by special order—at Home Depot and Lowe's. (The Enhance line is sold off the shelf at those home centers.) But Select is priced at $2.50 to $2.75 per linear foot, 75 cents to a dollar less than Transcend.

Among the differences between the two lines are that Select is the only line of the three with just one option in profile, square, meaning its edge is flush on both sides along the length of the boards. The Enhance and Transcend lines also offer the grooved profile that accommodates hidden fasteners for a cleaner look. And while both Select and Transcend offer 25-year warranties and a protective coating, the Select's warranty doesn't cover fade, stains, or mold in any way. The Transcend's coverage requires that you clean up spills within a week and, with mold, that you attempt to clean it yourself at the first appearance.

At the Builders' Show, Trex also showed off a new color, Tiki Torch (see photo), for the Transcend line. The company describes Tiki Torch as the newest of a few "tropical-inspired" shades and calls it a warm, earthy shade with reddish-brown hardwood streaking.

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