On His Birthday, Mapping Mies van der Rohe's Seminal Works

Rob Bear

Party on, Mies. Overlay by Amy Schellenbaum

An influential early modernist, one time director of the Bauhaus, and developer of the International Style, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe would have turned 127 today, had he not passed away in 1969, of course. By way of celebration, there's a map of his seminal works below, but let's kick things off with a few fun facts. Did you know that the great master's first name was originally Maria? Or that he adopted the patrician-sounding "van der Rohe," but was forced to use the Dutch spelling, as "von" was restricted to true German aristocrats? Or that he is he rumored to have carried on an affair with Edith Farnsworth, the woman who commissioned one of Mies' great houses? Or that she later sued the architect for making the place so damn impractical? No? Well there's plenty more to learn about Mies—and his work, this time—on the map below.
—additional research by Alexandra Danna

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