Baton Rouge Realtors revamp website with Rapattoni

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The more than 2,200 members of the Greater Baton Rouge Association of Realtors now have a website that integrates with its association management software.

The trade group launched the website using Rapattoni Corp.'s Integrated Website Service. The service allows association staff to create a website whose articles, menus, styles, colors and other content are customizable. Document management, social media tools, calendars, member forums, online member polling, and blogging are also included, Rapattoni said in an announcement.

"With Rapattoni IWS, our staff was able to create and maintain a new website for our association that offers the content our members need," said Herbert Gomez, the trade group's executive officer, in a statement.

The service allows the trade group's website to integrate with Rapattoni NetMagic, the company's association management software which includes a feature that allows association members to pay their dues, register for classes and otherwise interact with the association online.

If the association were using a Rapattoni MLS system, the website would have the ability to integrate with that as well. The association is currently using the LIST-IT MLS system from Solid Earth.

"Integration with our association management system allows member login without maintaining a separate database as well as being able to provide content based on member type. The website and its content can be managed by the association staff and they are fully supported by Rapattoni," said Ralph Hoover, Rapattoni's senior vice president and chief operations officer, in a statement.

Rapattoni MLS serves about 200,000 users nationwide. The company's association management software users represent more than 85 percent of U.S. Realtors.

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