Newly released videos show fatal 2022 Memphis police shooting

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Shelby County District Attorney’s office released police footage Tuesday showing part of what led to an officer-involved shooting that killed a 20-year-old in December 2022.

One dead in officer-involved shooting

The DA’s office says Jaylin McKenzie died at the scene on Cochese Avenue in Parkway Village on Dec. 16. No officers were injured.

There are three redacted videos: a camera from the patrol car and two body worn cameras. But the officer who fired shots never activated his camera.

The Memphis Police Department said in a statement Tuesday that officers were patrolling a retail complex to combat smash-and-grab thefts when they spotted a suspicious white Infiniti in the parking lot after the businesses were closed. They pursued the Infiniti, which took off down American Way


Inside the patrol car, one officer had his body worn camera rolling, capturing his partner driving, while on his cell phone, as this was taking place.

The Infiniti then takes hard turn, hitting a curb and landing on the grass.

The officer chases McKenzie on foot for less than a minute before he trips. He gets up and tries to catch up, but he’s at a distance. That when he hears gunshots.

It’s hard to see what happened when that gunfire went off, because the officer who fired his gun that night never activated his body worn camera.

Memphis Police put out a statement hours after it happened, saying the suspect they were chasing had turned around and opened fire, so an officer shot back.

Families demand justice for man fatally shot by MPD officer

The DA’s office released footage from an officer’s body cam when he got to the scene. It shows him removing a gun next to McKenzie before rendering aid.

MPD said Tuesday that city representatives had shared the videos with McKenzie’s family on Sept. 8. McKenzie’s family had asked to see the videos for months.

“In fact our open records requests have been denied three times. I’m being denied the right to know what happened to my only child,” McKenzie’s mother has said previously.

DA Steve Mulroy says he wants to be transparent, and says that “means prompt release of video so the public can view it themselves.”

The DA says the handgun fired by McKenzie was recovered that night. Everything was turned over to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Once their investigation is complete, Mulroy’s justice review unit will look over the findings and make a recommendation.

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The Memphis Police Department said in a written statement that it conducted an administrative investigations for policy violations. Those charges were sustained and disciplinary actions were issued for body worn camera violations and the department’s pursuit notification requirements, MPD said.

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