Newly formed crime-fighting unit hits the streets in Rowan County

The newly formed Rowan County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Apprehension Team has hit the streets to help the community fight an ongoing issue.

“There was no answer to the law of the gun violence here,” Sheriff Travis Allen said. “And there’s only one way to stop gun violence and that’s to get out on the street and stop it.”

Sgt. Patrick Schmeltzer leads SOCAT and said a lot has changed in his 20 years of law enforcement.

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“The gun violence, itself, has escalated tenfold from when I started and the kids that are involved are younger and younger every time,” Schmeltzer said.

In the video at the top of this webpage, Channel 9′s Hannah Goetz followed SOCAT to see how it’s filling a critical need.

“One day we’re looking at traffic violations, the next we have some target areas that our sheriff will bring to our attention,” said Master Deputy Cpl. Jessica Abrams, SOCAT unit.

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