Newfane library undertaking director search

Apr. 2—NEWFANE — A search for a new library director is underway as renovations continue at Newfane Public Library.

Following the mass resignation of the entire staff and four members of the library's board of trustees in February, candidates to fill the vacated board seats are also being sought for a May 28 election.

During the board's Tuesday meeting, trustee Kim Chenez confirmed that the library has interviewed two candidates for the full-time director post.

Removal of asbestos that had been found in the flooring of the front part of the library building has been completed, Chenez added.

"It was a big weight off all of our shoulders," she said.

The library has been closed since the end of February. While the board hoped it would reopen sometime this month, Christina Wright, board secretary and interim president, said they now anticipate reopening sometime before the election in May.

"We were hoping for the end of April, but with the carpet (installation) taking as long as it will, I don't think that's going to happen," Wright said.

Chenez said before the library can reopen, all books, shelving and furniture will have to be placed back in the building after it was removed during the renovations, and the new director will also have to be hired with board approval at an upcoming meeting.

"We're going to vote on whom we're going to choose. (The Nioga Library System) wants to know whom we have in mind, because there's some things that us as a new board might miss, so they're going to be our resource. Then after that... we have to approve them into office and they will take their oath in that meeting," Chenez said.

The board is also looking to form a volunteer group, Friends of the Library, whose responsibilities would include helping out at library events and fundraising.

"At the last meeting (there seemed to be) a lot of people that were really interested in what was going on at the library. So I would ask, if they are as interested as they say they are, that they maybe come out once we get settled," Wright said.

Those interested in running for a seat on the library board of trustees can obtain an application and nominating petitions at Candidates and voters must be eligible residents of Newfane Central School District to participate in the election.